EasyJet is developing BATTERY powered planes

EasyJet is developing BATTERY powered planes
Easyjet has revealed it is developing battery-powered electric planes for its short haul routes to be rolled out by 2030.

Easyjet has announced it is developing electric planes for the budget airline’s short-haul routes. The battery-powered aircraft will be rolled out over the next 10 years and used for flights under two hours.

The company says that electric flying is “becoming a reality” and that this innovation means planes will be quieter, better for the environment and cheaper for airline companies to buy and operate.

Partner and US start-up company, Wright Electric, has already begun work on an electric engine to power a nine seater aircraft which they expect to be airborne in 2019. Their partner Axter Aerospace already has a two seater aircraft that is flying.

The prototype propulsion system for the nine-seat aircraft is four times more powerful than the system installed on the two-seat aircraft.

Wright Electric has also filed a patent for a motor that will be used in the larger aircraft. This development suggests that the transition towards an all-electric commercial passenger jet capable of flying passengers across easyJet’s United Kingdom (UK) and European network is in sight.