Emu and Donkey Fall in Love

Emu and Donkey Fall in Love
It's a case of cross-species bonding for an emu and a donkey in North Carolina.

According to the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, a female emu and a male donkey rescued from an abandoned farm in Kershaw, South Carolina, are "in love."

"They like to cuddle and even sleep together," Jennifer Gordon of the rescue told The Charlotte Observer. The rescue is now looking for someone willing to adopt both a donkey and an emu, she said: "That may not be easy."

According to a Facebook post on the rescue's page, the duo has now been dubbed "Jack and Diane."

The endearing pair were living on a farm with dogs, cats and chickens when the owner vanished last week, The Charlotte Observer reported. The rescue has taken in all the animals, but the donkey and the emu appear most tightly bonded. Gordon suspects they've been kept together for years. When the rescue tried to separate them in different pens, the emu started pacing frantically and the donkey began crying, she said. Jack, the donkey, has also attacked other donkeys at the rescue, including one that got near Diane, the emu, according to the Rescue's Facebook page.