NetFlix: £50 a month for three trips a year

NetFlix: £50 a month for three trips a year
£50 a month for three trips a year: would you subscribe to the Netflix of travel?

A holiday subscription service that organises its customers three trips a year for 12 £50 monthly payments says it will take the hassle out of travel - but you won’t know where you are going.

BRB (text speak for “be right back”) promises those who sign up they will always have a getaway to look forward to, without having to book flights and hotels or even choose a destination.

After committing to the payments, guests select the date of travel and the type of trip they want - categories include beach, culture and “4theGram” - opt out of any unwanted destinations and state whether travelling alone or as a couple. Customers then find out the details of their trip to one of 50 European destinations, including Vienna, Venice and Valencia, a month before travel.

As soon as one trip is over, planning begins for the next.