"The Donkey King" visit the Geo News studio

"The Donkey King" visit the Geo News studio
The Donkey King visits Geo News studio

The Donkey King has taken cinemas across the country by storm. In a first, the main character of the film Mangu visited the studio of Geo News and children watching at home were overjoyed.

Mangu’s presence in the Geo News studio was made possible with the use of live action a videography technique in which actors are used instead of animation. The sequence was shot with actor John Rambo (Afzal Khan) who was later replaced with the character of Mangu frame by frame with the use of masking and compositing.

The process was highly time-consuming and took the animation team almost a week to complete. Bringing an animated character to screen using live action has not been done before by any other media house in Pakistan.

Mangu spoke with Geo News anchors Zohaib Hassan and Neelam Yousaf about the popularity of the film. “There is a rush in cinemas to watch Mangu’s film. People of all ages have gone crazy over the film,” the animated character said.